I imagine that your email box, like mine, has been especially full that last couple of weeks, all because of the implementation of GDPR. Even as we enjoy warm sunshine to bask in, the law is changing and causing both users and providers to deal with a new set of rules. So it is with the law—it never sits still. Fortunately, as we note in our first piece, we have lawyers like Christiana Fernbach who can help guide us through this change. (If only she couldmanage all of those new emails!) And, lest you think it’s all GDPR, we’re looking at changes in labor law and pharmaceuticals, among other things. But still, do spend some time basking in the sunshine!



Cristiana Fernbach speaker at The Cloud Conference, April 2018

Stratulat Albulescu’s Partner, Cristiana Fernbach, head of Technology and Data Protection, participated in a panel discussion about GDPR at The Cloud Conference, which was heldon the 19th of April, in Bucharest. Cristiana, an expert on privacy law and technology-related legal issues, addressed the challenges of GDPR for data-holders. 





The cadastre law – new amendments for agricultural and infrastructure development

Effective April 23, 2018, amendments enacted to the cadastre (land records) law will bring significant changes in practical matters of agricultural and infrastructure development. A lack of complete records of real estate affects economic development by cultivating a climate of uncertainty for investment and creating social ambivalence. 



Changes to the Labour Code

A new law that recently amended the Labour Code, requires employers to conclude and register employment labour agreements at the authorities, no later than the day before the employee starts work. The amendment changes the deadline by which an employer must conclude and register the employment labour agreement. 

Changes to the law governing work performed by daily labourers

The law that regulates occasional work performed by daily labourers has been amended. Under the new amendments, occasional work can be performed by daily labourers in the following new domains: hotels and other accommodation facilities, children’s camps, restaurants, and bars or other eating and/or drinking establishments. 



New regulation on cost-volume and cost-volume-result agreements to grant the patients more access to innovative therapeutic options

On the 26th of April 2018 the Romanian Official Gazette no. 365, published the Government Emergency Ordinance No. 32/2018 dated 24th of April 2018, (“GEO 32/2018”) amending and supplementing the Government Emergency Ordinance No. 77/2011. 



New Regulations Govern Plastic Bags

The most important modifications brought by Law No. 87/2018 that intends to limit and manage the use of plastic bags are presented below:  



Much Ado About Nothing” by Andrei Serban

April 28th saw the premiere, “Much Ado About Nothing” by internationally acclaimed director Andrei Serban, at the Comedy Theater in Bucharest.  


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